About me

Kellyann completed her Masters’s in Counseling at Lesley University in 2010, specializing in Holistic Studies and Trauma. She then completed two Clinical Internships at Wayside Youth and Family Support Network and Baystate Community Services. After finishing a three-year program at the Institute for Existential Psychoanalytic Therapy, studying under and receiving clinical supervision from Bob Fox, she went on to work at North Suffolk Mental Health in Revere. It was here where Kellyann worked with children, families, and adults with significant mental illness, behavioral problems, and substance abuse. After four years, of deep intense clinical work, Kellyann pursued her dream of starting her Private Psychotherapy Practice.

In 2015, Kellyann began attending the Infinity School of Healing in Amherst, Massachusetts. She trained for six years under the founder of the Infinity School, Gabrielli LaChiara.  She then took a three-year healing journey of her own, practicing Infinity healing on herself, friends, and family members. Kellyann has taken a vow of self-healing and continues to explore the possibilities that exist beneath her own disease, trauma, and chronic symptoms. She values experiential learning and measurable results, which is exactly what she offers her clients. Kellyann is amazingly dedicated to her clients and to evolving and exploring what else is possible for healing.

In 2021, Kellyann expanded her counseling practice and launched Infinity Healing sessions to the public. Kellyann’s calm, considerate, and present down-to-earth demeanor is a gift and a shining example of a core value of the collective. She knows life’s journey can be full of crisis, loss, grief, and trauma. And that these experiences can activate fear in the primal brain, alter behavior patterns, create limitations in one’s perception, lead to relationship issues, low self-esteem, and addictions. If these problems are left unresolved, they can lead to physical and mental health problems and a weakened spirit, affecting one’s core vitality for life.

Kellyann works right alongside her clients to uncover layers of trauma and create access to reprogram their belief systems, emotions, and behavior to restore the ability to experience harmony, health, ease, and joy. Her spiritual approach provides clients with a safe, nurturing, and compassionate environment where trust is quickly built and healing can take place for people to live life to its fullest. Kellyann teaches and empowers with positive communication techniques, healthy boundary setting, and the life skills needed for healing and thriving. She values the therapeutic alliance and the ability to witness one’s healing process.

Kellyann has recently become a Wellness Advocate for Aromatherapy. She integrates one hundred percent pure Essential Oils into her Infinity and Counseling sessions. She is excited to share how her clients can use these oils for continued wellness and benefits beyond their sessions.

Kellyann offers Private Office Visits and Telehealth sessions for private pay.