The LaChiara Method

The LaChiara Method is a mixture of spirituality, science, energy work, and neural organizational technique; all used to create shifts in your survival brain, where trauma and habitual programming can get stuck in the fight/flight/freeze response. These movements create the space required for growth and healing to take place in the body.  Kellyann works with clients to dissolve layers of trauma and reprogram their belief systems, emotions, and behavior to restore their ability to experience harmony, health, ease, and joy.  Removing these blocks and what is no longer required for one’s highest healing makes perspective shifts possible. Abundance, bliss, and magic are often obtained when clients can identify who they truly are and heal their own energy.

A typical session consists of ‘engaging one’s knowing’ or muscle testing the client to determine what the client requires.  Kellyann will support each client by offering a customized tool box based on how each client’s subconscious communicates through muscle testing.  Kellyann integrates the use of essential oils and crystals to create a supportive healing environment.  She first gauges a client’s level of core vitality and screens their emotional overlays, which indicate the level of emotional stress a client is under and how their body is managing that stress.  Kellyann will clear any energies that a client may be carrying that do not belong to them. This way we can determine what does belong to the client and what is present for healing, because we cannot heal other people’s energies that we may be attached to.  Once we get some clarity about what a client’s body requires in order to heal, Kellyann offers potent spiritual activations, primal brain programming, protocols for the body to pump up the endocrine and immune systems, tissue repair, genetic repatterning, chakra healing and many more tools are available. 

The goal is to create space for clarity and perspective shifts by clearing out old beliefs and traumas that may no longer be required to carry around anymore.  The client will find opportunities to download new belief systems, while feeling empowered to choose how they want to move forward in life.  Kellyann honors each client’s healing journey and feels humbled to witness the courage it takes for one to be willing to discern how they show up in the world and in their relationships.

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