Wellness advocate

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 
What else is possible? 

Kellyann offers Wellness Consults where she uses a combination of Neural Organization Technique “muscle testing” and doTERRA Essential oils to determine a protocol that is the most generative for her client’s healing. Essential oils have amazing healing benefits on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual planes. Kellyann will work with your body to put together a customized combination of Essential Oils and teach you how to use them for your highest healing. We will then follow up and make the required adaptations as you progress in your healing journey.

She discovered these oils after she had tried various Eastern and Western approaches to healing her own chronic issues. With the proper use of these oils, she is now feeling free from persistent pain and conditions that affected her ability to function and thrive. She is now a witness to her client’s feeling relief from things like DIgestive issues, Chronic pain & Inflammation, Fatigue, Anxiety & Mood disturbances and so much more. The benefits are limitless as these oils permeate through multiple layers and reach levels where deep healing takes place.

Kellyann offers in person and virtual sessions